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Heavy Cream; The key to feeling prettier, smarter and more special

January 20, 2010

Action Shot!

Love Cream. It’s creamy. It’s unhealthy. It’s rich. It makes everything taste really good. I use it way too often.

Here is a list of my favorite things to do with cream.
Tomato cream sauce. Over pasta with a little fresh mozzarella .
Homemade butter, easy and really, really good. And as an added bonus, you get buttermilk to put in your muffins. So wonderful.
Homemade whipped cream. It just makes you feel special. I promise.

Let me start with the world’s easiest tomato cream sauce

If you have fresh tomatoes, by all means use them. You are lucky. Garden tomatoes are among God’s finest creations. Enjoy.
I usually figure about a tomato a person. Or one big can, but you know how much the people around you eat. You may need more.
Sauté some garlic, about two cloves roughly chopped in a couple of teaspoons of olive oil
At this point, you may choose to throw in an onion. I highly recommend it. Chop it roughly and sauté it until it starts getting transparent.
Now, toss in your diced fresh tomatoes or your broken up canned tomatoes, juice and all. Add a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary
or a couple of pinches of dried rosemary. If you have another herb that you particularly like, feel free to substitute. We’re all about flexibility at
our house. While your pasta cooks, let your sauce simmer. Just after you drain your pasta, add a little heavy cream, or whipping cream.
Stir it in and watch the sauce turn a pretty pinkish orange color. Let it cook for about a minute and toss it with your pasta. If you have some fresh mozzarella, this
would be a good time to use it. Enjoy!

Homemade butter
If you’re out of butter or are channeling Martha Stewart, try this. It’s easy, tastes great and makes you feel very smart.
Pour some heavy cream( I use a whole pint) into a mixing bowl. I use a stand mixer at this point, it’s just easy. Add a little salt, a half a tsp maybe.
And mix on high. Keep going till it passes whipped cream, and starts to look like scrambled eggs. You’ll notice the solids separating from the liquids.

When you're making butter, this is what you're going for!

 Drain the liquid.
Squeeze the solids together and you have butter. Now, save the liquid, it’s wonderful buttermilk. Make your favorite muffins, using your homemade buttermilk. And
Slather your homemade butter all over them. You’re going to feel really smart. If you did something stupid yesterday, this will make everything better.
You can add honey, herbs or what have you to this butter. It’s delightful really. It’s easy. And it makes you feel like the best homemaker ever.

After you squeeze the buttermilk out, you are left with yummy butter. About 3/4 of a cup!

You're left with about 1 1/2 cups of buttermilk! Use it wisely!

Homemade Whipped Cream
It may not be pretty, but we’ve all stood over the Cool Whip tub with a spoon when we had a sweet tooth and were too lazy to cook and were schlepping(that’s a word, isn’t it?)
around in pajamas and can’t go anywhere to get something sweet. We HAVE ALL done that, haven’t we?
But, when you have heavy cream or whipping cream, you can make your own. It doesn’t taste “schleppy” at all. You will, in fact, feel pretty. On the flip side of this, your behind may expand.
It’s just the price you pay.
Pour a cup or better of cream into your mixing bowl. Add a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and a little vanilla. Whip it until you have whipped cream. Soft peaks will form. Your stomach will growl.
Now, go to the freezer and get out some of those wild blueberries that you picked and put up last summer. Smother them in this really good whipped cream. Place your tiara on your perfectly styled hair. (See, we’re not schlepping) And Enjoy!

What wonderful uses have you found for cream? Share please.
For now, can we all take a moment and thank the good Lord for cows. Amen!

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