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The Inlet Crab House and Raw Bar = Happiness

January 23, 2010

A meal at The Inlet Crab House and Raw Bar in Murrells Inlet South Carolina is a good thing. I grew up on seafood. I don’t even eat meat(we’re not counting the occasional piece of bacon here) other than seafood. I know seafood.
This place is sooooo good. My kids yell for it, my husband and I day-dream about it when we are at home, two and a half hours away. They know what they are doing.
If you a get a chance to enjoy some really fresh, really good seafood, this is your place. Don’t let the trip pass you by without a basket of grouper bites. I like them fried. I’ve always been a health food nut though. 😉 They are ON TIME. No where else that I’ve ever been cooks them as well. And, like I said, I know seafood.

This is not one of those large, buffet type places where the fish isn’t particularly fresh, it’s overcooked and has been on the bar long enough that you could mistake it with shoe leather. Why do people want to eat at those places? All U Can eat crab legs, I guess. But, why when there are better choices would you do that to yourself? But, I’m getting side tracked. I’ve done that once or twice before. Excuse me.
Okay, back to the topic at hand. Have an oyster po’ boy. You will be so glad you did. Or a shrimp salad sandwich. They make it with the tiniest sweetest(not sure that’s a good description) little shrimp you’ve ever seen. So good!
This is one of those places that looks like an old fish shack, not because they hired a decorator to imitate an old seafood shack, but because it is one. Very authentic. So good! The people who work here are great too. One of the ladies that works there feels like a family friend. It’s nice to go somewhere that feels familiar and has really good food.  Makes me feel like I’m at Cheers.(old TV show reference thrown in free of charge)
Why, I have a good mind to drive two and a half hours and have some. If you’re going to be in that area and you miss this opportunity, you’re nuts. Nuts, I tell ya!
Here’s a link to their website,
Go there! Soon! You will not be disappointed!


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