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And the Heavens Opened and the Angels Sang, “Cream Cheese Frosting!”

January 24, 2010

I love cream cheese frosting. It’s one of my all time faves. I love that it cuts the sweetness a little and just has so much body. It’s good. I love it. And it’s easy.
Take an 8 ounce block of cream cheese straight out of the refrigerator. Put it in the mixing bowl with 5 tablespoons of softened butter. Got that, cold cream cheese, softened butter. *Important* Add 2 to 21/2 tsp of vanilla. Ladies and gentlemen, start your mixers! Gradually add 2 cups of sifted powdered sugar. If you don’t want to sift it, you can put your measuring cup into the bag and lift a few cups out and dump them back in. You just want to incorporate some air so your measurements are pretty accurate. You could get away with a little more or a little less sugar, let your taste buds be the guide. Whip it up until it’s the consistency that you like.
The next step is the hardest one. Spread it on your cake or cupcakes. Try and do this without eating the icing straight out of the bowl. Can you do it? Will power is crucial. I’ve got confidence in you.
If you’re spreading it on the cupcakes I wrote about in an earlier post, “How to Make the Cupcake as Good as the Icing!”, you’ll be glad you did! Let me know how they turn out!

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