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I had a Gigantic Baby and Never Noticed

January 25, 2010

The World's Largest Baby

Do you do this? Sometimes, I take pictures and they don’t make much of an impression on me until I see them much later. This is one of them. At the time, it was a not so great picture from a Disney trip. Adam, the kid struggling to hold the baby, was seven. And Sam must have been between six and seven months old. The picture wasn’t really one for the scrapbook. But, I hung onto it. I find it difficult to delete pictures of my kids, even when they are not that memorable.
I haven’t thought about this particular photograph in years. I stumbled across it recently, and was struck by how big Sam was. I remember him as being a pretty big baby, but he looks enormous in this picture. Adam looked miniscule beside him. Poor thing looked like he was about to buckle under the weight of this gigantic child. They are 11 and 4 now, and I love this picture. It cracks me up. How did it not crack me up then? How did I miss the humor in it? Sometimes, I guess you’re just too close to your life to notice the weirdness of it all.
This makes me want to dig back through old photos to see what else I missed!
You should too, what passed for normal in your past will surprise you!

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