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SC family banned from Disney

January 25, 2010

It’s been called the happiest place on earth, but character, Stanley, would beg to differ.
The eight foot tall character was attacked at Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently.
The character says, “I thought we were just hanging out doing pictures, when out of nowhere, I’m attacked by this fierce two-year old. He looked small, but he was wiry. He tried to steal my book bag/fishbowl. I was afraid.”
The toddler was apprehended and taken into custody at the little known Toon Town Jail. He was later released on good behavior. “A first,” said the perps mother, of the “good behavior” release.
Brother, 7-year-old Adam Williams defended his brother saying, “He probably had the animal’s rights in mind. Who carries a fish in a book bag anyway?”
WDW spokesperson says the family is no longer welcome on Disney property.
The family has returned home, and is keeping a low profile. The father has refused to comment on the situation. 

The perp casing the scene prior to the attack

Two year old, Mack, makes his move. The whole incident was caught on camera.

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