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Fish Burritos and a Great View

January 27, 2010

Photo of my youngest after eating all of his grouper and MOST of my burrito! Forgive the terrible spelling on this scrapbook page! I didn't save it in layers or I'd fix it! 😦 But, I liked it too much to care, so there!

This beach front restaurant, Latitude 22, is just a few minutes from our house in Surfside. We often hop on the golf cart and go down for a bite. It’s on the top floor of the restaurant, above River City Cafe, next to the Surfside Pier. When the weather is permitting, it’s an open air restaurant and is usually comfortable because of the ocean breeze even in the heat of summer.
They have a fish burrito that is huge and really good. It’s made with grouper and black beans, goat cheese, avocado and saffron rice. It’s served with fries or sweet potato fries. It is so big that, often, my husband and I will split a salad and split this. We usually don’t even need the salad. This is pretty filling and is very tasty. The only complaint I’ve had is the last time I was there, they used guacamole instead of sliced avocado. Just a personal preference, but the avocado gave it a better texture. I’ve also enjoyed the crab cake and the grouper and can’t say anything but good about any of it. It’s a great place to grab some lunch, even if you’re wearing a bathing suit cover up. It’s got a kind of Caribbean vibe. It’s a good place to have a couple of cold beverages and a nice meal before heading back out into the sun. I have been in the evenings when they’ve had live music. But, I’m not sure what the schedule is for that since we usually come for lunch. The tables are hand painted and really cool. My favorite is the hurricane table.
Check this place out. If it’s between May and August, I may see you there!

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