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Snow in the South means Big Business for the Merita Bread Company and Dairy Farmers Everywhere

January 29, 2010

"See, I'm holding snow. Solid preciptation here, people! Hope someone's made a bread and milk run!"

It’s January, and I live in SC. Our neck of the woods is by no means known as a Winter Wonderland. But, tonight, they are predicting snow, sleet, ice, something. A wintery mix. People all over the county are visiting local grocery stores. As we speak, record breaking amounts of bread and milk are leaving the stores. Everyone in this part of the world feels that they are required, by law, to run, not walk to their local grocery store to buy these two items.(And get ’em quick, or they’ll be gone) As we speak, vegans with wheat allergies are in line at the Piggy Wiggly with their milk and bread. It is the widely accepted practice of all native South Carolinians when the weather forecast whispers anything involving frozen precipitation.
I don’t know how you do it in your part of the world, but here, it’s bread and milk! 🙂


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