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Help! I’ve got a mouse!

February 8, 2010

Okay, I am not scared to be at home alone. I’m not afraid to drive anywhere that there is asphalt. I don’t get jittery in parking lots after dark. I’m not scared of strangers. Lizards don’t bother me at all. I’m not afraid to go wander off the beaten path even if I don’t speak the language. I never feel like a shark is going to bite me or any other crazy thing when I’m in the ocean.
But, this week, I have found the thing that I am most afraid of. Mice. Who knew? I’m thirty-nine years old and have recently moved to the country. Somehow, this wasn’t what I envisioned. Granted, it’s sort of like a marble with legs and a tail. Not large, doesn’t seem too ferocious. But, all the same, I’m feeling stressed.
I don’t worry a lot. I don’t worry about money, don’t worry about grades, don’t worry about anything. Really. Aside from my kids, and I’m thinking that just comes with the uterus, I don’t worry.
All that has changed. I have joined the ranks of the worriers. I’m expecting gray hairs to populate my head really soon. Along with those frowney wrinkles that the worriers all seem to sport.

My husband took the kids to school a week ago today. As I sat at my computer, seeing what was happening on Facebook and checking emails. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something, dare I say, scurry across the floor. Surely, it wasn’t. It couldn’t be. We just built this house. But, wait, I think I saw it again. But, I can’t be sure. Until. Yes. Here it comes again. A mouse! I did the only thing that I could do. Screamed loud and long. The thing literally jumped into the air, doing something like a flip trying to get back under my kitchen cabinet. I sat with my feet in the chair and watched that spot. Surely, when my husband got back he could handle this. After all, this falls under the “husband” section of our contract, I’m pretty sure. Along with plunging clogged toilets, killing spiders and bugs, getting things out of the car on cold nights, ect. ect………
So, I waited and watched. Every now and then it would come out. I’d grab a book and throw in its general direction and it would run back under. I felt completely skeeved out. But, there was some security in knowing that I knew its whereabouts.
We have a farm and as demanding as it can be, it does leave a little wiggle room throughout the day for such crises as this one. So, I was sure Wayne could handle this. I was shocked and surprised when he was not as upset as I was about this. Now, he didn’t like it either and wanted it gone. But, and if you can even believe this, didn’t want to wait on it to come out again. But, I begged and pleaded and he agreed. Thank God this man loves me. So, we waited, he in a chair on one side of the kitchen and me on the other. We didn’t talk. We wanted to lure it out. I sat on my feet. And we just waited. An entire hour.
He then decided he HAD to go to the farm. And LEAVE me. Imagine! So, I stayed in my chair and watched the spot all day. I am not exaggerating. He came back by that afternoon and I took a bathroom break. But, swiftly returned to my chair. As long as I knew where it was, I could go to bed knowing it wouldn’t crawl into one of my kids mouths as they slept slack-jawed and unaware. EEEWWW! I can hardly think about it. So, as guardian of the family. I sat, I threw things, I screamed. But, I knew where it was.

Not, these insecurities are my own. I did not want to torture the creature because of my feelings. So, I sent Wayne on a hunt for a “humane” mouse trap. It was kind of expensive and very hard to find. (We live in a very rural area, near nothing) But, he came home with it and I was sure we’d catch the thing. My four-year old, a budding MacGyver, tried to rig a trap with a grocery bag, a thread and a piece of cheese and it hadn’t quite sealed the deal, so this was plan B.
Still, I didn’t abandon my post. I waited and watched. I thought about chiropractic care as my back ached and muscles atrophied from lack of movement. After the kids went to bed, Wayne and I resumed our silent watch. At about 11:00 my husband had the audacity to go to bed, for heaven’s sake. And at about 11:30 that night, the beast made its way across my kitchen. Mind you, I’d been in the chair since 8:00 that morning.
I yelled for my husband, the mouse slayer, if you will. He got out of bed, made ugly faces at me and waited another entire hour in silence before giving up. Well, I had to sleep and I couldn’t walk to bed without someone there to protect me. What could I do?   So, I went to our room, and had Wayne pack towels underneath the doors, this would hopefully keep the nasty vermin out of our room. Then, I tucked all of the bed coverings under the mattress. You know, nothing can touch the floor, it would be like giving the thing a ladder. And finally, fell asleep with a light on.
First thing the next morning, I had Wayne check the peanut butter baited trap. Sure we’d dispose of the thing two to three miles from here and be done with it. But, no. Empty.
By the end of day two, I broke down and decided an old-fashioned mouse trap was the way to go. I’d given the intruder a chance to surrender and leave peacefully and he didn’t take it. So, it was war.  After all, he started it.
We set four mouse traps with cheese. We woke up the next morning with all the cheese gone and the traps still cocked and ready. So, my Facebook friends suggested peanut butter. So, we tried it. One week later, the only thing we’ve caught is the Pomeranian and my husband.
I only remove my very clunky shoes to bathe and sleep. When I put them back on, I shake them, for fear that the mouse wasn’t satisfied with taking my home, but also wants my shoes. I won’t stand close to our cabinets, for fear that he might run across my foot. Ugh! My toes are curling as I write this.
So, the thing is still wandering around here somewhere. I suspect it’s trying to lull us into a false sense of security. Tonight, we’re trying a few other suggestions.

  • Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Stale Bread with peanut butter, the bread is supposed to be stiff and the vermin isn’t supposed to be able to move it
  • Cheese that’s been melted with a lighter so that it cannot be easily removed
  • And the last option, but it’s looking like the one we’re going to have to go with, the glue trap.  Though, I think you can use oil to release them.  But, still, never thought it would come to that. 

After a week of living with a mouse, everything feels just nasty!   I’ll report back if any of the above  works!  Pray for me!

One day after writing this,

 My morning started out pretty wild. My six-year-old came to my bedroom door crying and throwing up. Got up to fix breakfast for the oldest and heard a snap. Old fashioned mouse trap caught mouse. Baited with stale bread and peanut butter. So, that would be my recommendation. I hope we’re done with this, but I think I’ll leave them out a little longer just in case. We can only hope that he was the only one of his kind. EWWWW!

Two days later,

Still skeeved out! I’ve Cloroxed everything in sight.  And, we had a another mouse in the trap this morning. Once again, the thing was baited with the stale bread and peanut butter.  That seems to be doing the trick.  But, there is a more important, pressing question.   How many are here?  Ugh!

Two weeks later,

I’m occasionally going barefoot again.  We still have traps set but have caught nothing else!  I am hoping this is the end!


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