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Studies show that Country Living doesn’t Encourage Good Grooming

February 10, 2010

I've turned into the g rated, version of this man. Heaven help!

Okay, so, I fudged a little with this post. Studies, plural, don’t show this. But, a study I’ve conducted since moving to the country in October seem to prove my theory. At least as far as I’m concerned.
Not that I was that great in town. It’s not like I quit wearing fake nails and red lipstick. I wasn’t all that “done up” when I lived in town.
But, I have gone full days since moving to the country without brushing my hair. And some days, I don’t even put on pants. There, I said it. I have been known to stay in pajamas all day. I’ll bathe. That hasn’t stopped, but then I’ll get out, leave my hair in a towel and put on a spanky clean pair of pajamas. It’s kind of freaking me out.
Though, not enough to dry my hair with a brush, put on some lipstick and pants.
The thing is, when you live in town, people stop by. If you go to the mail box, you are likely to see someone riding by or taking a walk. You visit. People say, I’m going to be in town later, do you want to get something to eat. And you do. So, you get dressed.
Or maybe you don’t.

One of my best friends as a teenager had a mother who never got dressed. You’d go to her house after school, and there she was looking fresh as a daisy in pajamas. I think she still wore make up though. To sit around the house in her pajamas. Very Hef(ish) I think.

So, that’s me, I’m like Hef, only with no sexy stuff happening. No playboys bunnies here. Nope. The occasional mouse perhaps. Ugh!

My town routine consisted of bathing in the morning, brushing my hair, and teeth. Putting on a light layer of spackle, some mascara, blush and even bronzer. I’d top it off with some lip gloss.(Bobbi Brown pot rouge/gloss stuff actually) and I’d put on pants and a shirt. Sometimes, even a jacket or sweater. I did this most days.
I’ve now lived in the country for four months. And a lifetime of habits have gone the way of the dinosaur. I’ve decided that I’ll never have to buy cosmetics again. Because I’ll never run out.
I won’t even have to buy clothes. Only pajamas. I’m Hef. Without the fun parts. Lord help me.
Now, when I have to get ready, I dread it. I don’t know how to do it anymore. Mind you, I wasn’t that good at it in town, but I did do it.
I still wear deodorant and shave my legs and what not. But, who knows how much longer that’ll last. Geesh. Now, on the freak day that someone actually stops by, I’m humiliated. It’s like 4:00 and I have on pjs and have bed head. What do I do all day?
This is probably something I’m going to need to address.
Matter of fact, as I type, I’m hoping my husband is going to come in from the farm and offer to pick up our four-year old from preschool. So I don’t have to get DRESSED.
So, in conclusion, though this study is far from scientific, it’s all I’ve got. And I think the results are pretty clear, country living doesn’t encourage good grooming.


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