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Sometimes the picture doesn’t tell the story!

February 11, 2010

A picture may be worth a 1,000 words.  But, now and then, the picture just doesn’t tell the story.  When my oldest son was in first grade, we went to pick strawberries for his teachers.  It was our end of the year gift to them.  It seemed like a really good idea.  Fun day, you know, three kids, fairly new baby, a two year old, picking strawberries, with me as the only adult.  For some reason, it still sounded like a good idea to me.  After all,  how hard could it be?

Well, I’ll tell you right now, hard.  Really hard.  In case you can’t read the microscopic print on this scrapbook page, here’s what the journaling says.

Adam and I decided we’d pick strawberries for his teachers this year.  I think he had like 10.  So, I took he and his brothers to Hoefield Farms, and we started picking, and picking, and picking.  The sun was pretty hot that day, and Sam was in a stroller.  We were the only people picking, so I’d make my way down a row, and leave Sam in the stroller, several yards away.  Mack, who was two at the time, was having none of this.  He’d push the stroller against me, every two steps.  He couldn’t imagine that I’d leave my baby 3 feet away.   Finally, I put the breaks on the stroller, so I could get down to business. It was hot out there and this turned out to be a little more work than I was expecting.  Minutes later, I heard screams, Mack had tried to move the stroller, and flipped Sam and 
the stroller face down into the strawberries. 
When I got there, it looked like a crime scene, Sam and the stroller were smeared with squished strawberries.  Mack was in a tizzy, and Adam wondered why we’d brought them in the first place.
So, I packed up the strawberry stained, crying baby Sam.  I buckled up the, by this point, hysterical Mack.(so dramatic)  Put the strawberries and stroller in the car.  Which was 190 degrees by this time.  I noticed my camera on the seat.  Adam was the only one who didn’t look like an escapee from a horror movie, so I snapped a picture.  I thought I’d make tags for the strawberry baskets for his teachers.  This never happened.  It’s years later, and I am sick I didn’t take pictures of the whole fiasco.  It’s now, one of my funniest memories. 

It’s funny how many times we are trying to make the photos of an event look perfect and forget to photograph the real event. Do it next time, even if it doesn’t feel like a Kodak moment, you’ll be glad for the memories, once you can laugh about them.  🙂

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