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Snowy Weekend in SC

February 15, 2010

The view from my back porch! This is one we don't see very often!

This weekend was so unusual!  Snow, it started on Friday afternoon and continued  until late that night.  We turned all the flood lights on in the house so we could see it.  It was so pretty.  This was our first snow in the country and it was lovely.   Everyone in our part of the world gets excited about snow.  We have to travel to see it.  It snows here only once in a blue moon.  Nothing can compare to watching how excited little southern kids from warm climates get when they get to build snowmen in front of their own houses. 

Everyone takes pictures of their snow-covered houses.  It’s such a novelty!  I LOVE that I live somewhere that the world shuts down when it starts to snow.  I love that everyone is free to take the time off to spend it enjoying themselves and their families.  That’s one of the biggest perks of living in the south.  When you do have a snow day, it gets to be a snow day, by golly.

Our family was so excited.  My husband spent most of the morning rounding up the rarely used cold weather clothes.  Hats, gloves, heavy coats, boots, ski bibs.  And since we moved recently, aren’t very organized at all, and never have a need for these items, it was a job.  But, less than I thought it would be.  And six hours later, we had the two little kids dressed.  All bundled up and complaining about having to wear coats and stuff.  But, they were bucking to get outside and play.  Our oldest was spending the night with a friend, so we missed having him here for the white stuff.

The rest of the day was wonderful.   Every little thing just looks prettier when it’s covered in fluffy, white snow.  We walked through the woods, down to the creek, and all over the farm.  We threw snowballs in the pond.  The whole place just  looked different.  Snow, when you don’t see it much, is magical that way.

We took a long walk in the woods down to the creek. It may be years before we see it snowy again.


It's nice to see how pretty winter can be!

I love spring, adore summer, enjoy fall, but am not usually a winter fan.  I do love Christmas, I love a fire, I love hot drinks.  But, I miss being outdoors(I am rather cold natured).  I miss being on or in the water.   But, let me say, a pretty snow really changes my opinion of winter!  

The sad part was, once we were back from a day long hike.  It had mostly melted from our house and yard.  One of our three snowmen was still standing.  Two of them were “dead” (kid’s word, not mine).  

I went to bed that night, tired, but happy.  I love a snow day!  If spring isn’t right around the corner, I’d love to have some more of these.  🙂 

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