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My Youngest Son’s Conscience Seems to be Arriving Late!

February 20, 2010


Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with this one.  He doesn’t seem to have a conscience.  He’s a big old hoss of a lap cat,  and says the sweetest things you’ve ever heard.  But, the thing is, he will lie! 

My two older kids don’t seem quite capable of lying.  I think that’s partially because as parents, we’re pretty good about not flipping out.  So, that takes away a little of the pay off that lying provides.  My theory is, if they know that they are safe from a parental melt down, that they’ll be more likely to be honest.   With my first two kids, this has worked fine.  They are two really honest, sweet little kids. 

Sam’s sweet, now don’t get me wrong!  But, here’s what I mean.

Sam’s best friends Mom and I are really tight.  I think that’s how that usually works for the preschool set. Your best friends are your mom’s friend’s kids.  She picks her daughter up from preschool on Friday and happened to be on the phone with me.   Her precious daughter loves Sam just a dusting less than we do and was quite upset with his cousins.  She told her Mom that while he had been visiting his MawMaw that they cut him with razor blades. (They are 6, 5, and 3 obviously of weapon packing age)  And that his MawMaw did nothing about it because she didn’t see it happen. 

He was in bed when I got home the night before, and during the morning rush, he didn’t mention the razor blade attack.  And neither did my husband.  But, he is our third child, and we have gotten right slack since he came into the family.  So, as soon as he got home, I asked him about the assault that he’d told his friend about. He said, he just “joked” her.  When I asked why, he informed me that she was getting mad at his cousins and he really wanted to see a “girl fight.” 

The injuries were actually where his ankles had gotten rubbed on his snow boots!  See what I mean, no conscience.  And try to keep a straight face for the teaching moment when your five-year old uses the phrase, “girl fight.” 

I’m not counting him out yet!  But, heaven help us, I hope he doesn’t end up behind bars.  Hopefully this isn’t how those Enron guys behaved as kids.  Lying without hesitation and what not.
Oh well, maybe a flip out is what it’s going to take!

Do your kids do this?  Why?  And if you’ve figured out a way to make it stop, preferably with no razor blades, I’d love to know! 

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