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One out of Five Ain’t Bad

February 20, 2010

My family may be known for a lot of things, but organizational skills are not one of them.  If we can find socks that match and everyone has on underwear(that belongs to them) and I can find my car keys, it’s a successful day! 

I do okay with the kitchen, though, my refrigerator could hold twice as much if I would take a minute.  Instead, I just cram everything in every which a way. 

My oldest son cannot find anything. Not his shoes, not his homework, not his book bag, nothing.  I’m so proud, he’s just like me.

The jury is still out on my youngest.  Though, he’s the most cooperative when I ask for help. 

Mack is the middle child.  And he is strangely organized.  He likes order.  He likes things clean and neat.  And he likes things done by the book.  There’s no room for going off the rails with the organization thing.  I’m sure I stress him out.  I’m sure I stress them all out.  His brothers stress him out.  When you’re really organized and other people get in your stuff, evidently it’s annoying.  

I just had to share this really odd snapshot of life with an organized child.  Something so astounding that, if you fall into the not so organized column, you will have to pick your jaw up off the ground. 

My jaw is still sore.  It actually hit the ground.

One out of five ain’t bad!

P.S.  This was his pencil box the last day of school.  We left school and went to the playground and promptly melted every last crayon.  I felt terrible.  I had failed my organized child yet again.  It never would have lasted at our house anyway.  But still………

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