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Did you know that you can cut a deal at Lowe’s?

February 21, 2010

I am not a wheeler-dealer.  If you tell me how much something costs, I’m going to take your word for it.  I don’t ask for special discounts.  I read the price tag and assume that’s the price.  I would never make it in a place that bargaining was required.  I’m just too self conscious.

My husband,  on the other hand, feels none of this.  He’s not self-conscious at all.  He’s going  to wheel and deal and bargain and pretty much embarrass me to death.  But, in the car on the way home,  nine times out of ten, I’m going to be high-fiving him!

A perfect example of his bargaining really paying off, was this fall.  We were getting into our new house and decided since summer was coming to a close that it was a good time to go check out lawn furniture.  We stopped by Lowe’s and sure enough, they had lots of furniture on sale.  It was pretty much all marked 1/2 price.  This was thrilling!  We found several pieces that we were interested in.  We had ridden in the car though, and so my husband was going to have to come back and pick them up in his truck.  We wanted to make sure no one else would buy them, so we spoke with someone in that department about holding them for us.  

Didn’t take long, before my sidekick started to heckle.  I guess that’s what you call it.  “How much will you knock off of this table?”  “I’ll give you thus and such for this.”  Somehow with all the heckling, though it started out as good natured  kidding, the heckler saw a window.  One little chink in the armor of the Lowe’s employee that told my husband that he was open for business. 

After about, oh I’d say, 13.3 seconds, I started feeling flushed.  The colors rose rapidly to my cheeks, neck and chest.  But, my husband kept plugging, not noticing that I was the color of a perfectly ripe strawberry.  So, I did the only thing I could see fit to do.  I wandered off.  So did my eleven year old.  I’m afraid he doesn’t have the gene.  Perhaps it skips a generation.  I’ll let you know when the younger boys get a little older.  Before long, this man who I had married, was adding to our list of furniture.  And all of it was being marked down tremendously. 

Upon leaving, we had, and I am not even exaggerating,

  • A dining table, bronze finish with tile top
  • The matching 8 chairs with cushions
  • A wrought iron loveseat with cute red cushions and black piping
  • The glider that matched
  • As well as the matching coffee table
  • An outdoor fountain with big pottery type jugs(prettier than I just explained)

All for around $500! 

I’m kicking myself for not trying to get a really nice grill thrown into the mix.

The moral of this story is, if you know someone who doesn’t feel ashamed to do this kind of bargaining, that it can be done, even in the big box stores like Lowe’s.

Who knew? 

Someone that heard this story told me that her father has a motto.  And it’s probably a pretty good one for people looking for a deal.  “If your first offer doesn’t embarrass you, then you started too high.”  Words to live by! 


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  1. June 11, 2010 1:40 pm

    OH my goodness!! What an awesome deal!!!! I had to laugh when reading this post because I swear you were describing me to a T when the hubby starts to wheel and deal. Don’t get me wrong….I love, love, love a good deal and am a bargain shopper like no one’s business but one thing I don’t do is haggle the price. Nope – ain’t going to happen LOL But good for your hubby for getting great items for next to nothing!

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