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Birthday Invitations

February 22, 2010

My sweet Mack is about to be seven-years old!  I can’t believe how quickly it’s flown by!  We’re doing a bowling birthday party.  I’m planning on letting him invite his first grade class, as well as  a few special friends and of course family.  I always make things like invitations, and wanted his to be cute, quick and cheap. 

In the past, I’ve made invitations with paper scrapbooking supplies and though I’m usually pleased with the end result, they are expensive and time-consuming.  This year I decided to do something digitally.  Photoshop Elements is my friend. 

I have this picture of Mack that I love.

It's rather hard to catch him still, or not making crazy faces. So, I feel like when I get a good picture that I should have a parade!

So, I decided to use it for his invitations.  The Christmas stockings in the background wouldn’t do for a March birthday though.  In Photoshop Elements, I made sure that the background was made into a layer.  Then I used the magnetic lasso tool to outline him.  I then chose Select Inverse from the selections drop down menu.  Select>select inverse.  And deleted.  I was left with a little Mack removed from his surroundings.

I chose to make these invitations 4×6 cards.  So, I can print them very inexpensively at Walgreens. 

I made a 4×6 “new file” in PSE and dragged some cool scrapbooking paper onto it.  Then dragged Mack(not so much kicking or screaming for once) onto the invitation.  Added some text, using my super duper sticker making technique. 🙂

Added a little dash of red and some bowling pins and that was that. 

I’m rather pleased with the results. 

I know I didn’t provide a very detailed description of how these were made.  And I’d be glad to, if anyone wanted me to.  But, thought it was better not to bore you completely to death! 

The date and time happen to be wrong and I’m pretty annoyed with myself.  But, I’m going to fix that today!  Ugh! 

Anyway,  I like them a lot because they show off my sweet Mack!  Oh well, don’t pick it to death!

Find something to celebrate! 


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