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Part Two of the Gagging While Hopping on One Foot Saga

February 24, 2010

I guess you could call it a love story.  All this washing clothes and staying up all night with the sick and the suffering. 

I am not a nurse.  I have never had an interest in the field of health care.  I am seriously germphobic(is that a word?)   This has not been a good week for me. (Read the first part of this gripping story here)

But, the humor of the whole thing isn’t lost on me.  I see the glass as half full if nothing else. 🙂

My husband slept with his head in a cabinet.  More and more of the details of his night of agony are surfacing.  And this one gave me a chuckle.  Does this make me sadistic?  He was trying to sleep on the bathroom floor.  He was too weak to make it back to the couch, and too sick to stray too far from the bathroom anyway.  He didn’t have a pillow, and couldn’t get comfortable, so he grabbed a towel and put it inside a cabinet and put his head in the cabinet to sleep.  Is that not the most pitiful thing you’ve ever heard?  I’ll see if I can talk him into a reenactment that I can photograph and post.  Or perhaps a video, sans vomit.

This thing is probably going to catch up with me and I’m going to have to sleep in a cabinet too, because I can’t help but laugh at this craziness.  And I’m sure he’ll find it funny too! 

My husband cannot stand being sick(not that anyone of us likes it).  He’s just a nut when he gets sick!

So, sorry about the rambling! 

If I get sick, I just pray it isn’t until after Thursday!  My middle son, Mack doesn’t know it yet, but he’s being honored tomorrow as a “Terrific Kid” at his school.  It’s going to be  great surprise for him and I don’t want to throw up during it.

Wish me luck!  Hopefully, this is the last of these sexy puke posts!


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