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Child elected Junior Beta Club President in spite of ADD parents

March 3, 2010

My oldest son was inducted into the Junior Beta Club Monday night.  *Yay ADAM* 

He was elected president and had to give a speech.  He was very excited about doing it.  Though, it didn’t sound like him at all.   It said things like ,”endeavor to merit the confidence….” and things like that.  I don’t know about other fifth graders, but mine doesn’t really talk like that.  So, it was a  little humorous to me.   But, he was really cute.  And did a great job. 

I was so proud of him.  I always have been.  He’s a great kid. 

The thing that makes me proudest is what he is overcoming at home.  I have ADD, in the most major way.  God love him.  I worry that my crazy, forgetful, scattered behavior is going to hold him back.  I’m sure it’s going to.  And that really concerns me.  He has hardly a shot at being organized, because it’s just not something that we can teach him.  His dad isn’t diagnosed with ADD, but I can’t help but wonder.  I felt a little choked up when we got home and I had a chance to reflect a bit.  He can be anything he wants to be, I’m sure of that.  But, can he reach his full potential being raised by us,  the most scatterbrained pair of parents that one could hope for?

We love him to death, and make sure he has lots of great experiences.  But, the organization thing just isn’t here with us.  I feel frustrated with myself a good bit of the time.  I’m pretty creative in a lot of areas.  But, have never been a high achiever.  I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t care, or because I couldn’t get my act together enough to make it happen. 

We are all about kindness, creativity, and learning.  Just not in the structured way that is guided by grades and clocks and calendars.  Since we are in the complete minority, I’m sure it’s putting our boys at a disadvantage. 

As I sat in the audience listening to him make his speech, I was thankful that he was able to be there.  I know in part, it’s because of the encouragement and learning opportunities we’ve provided him with.  And I wondered if they were going to be enough to counteract what we don’t provide in the way of structure. 

Either way, I’m very proud of him and hope he continues to be successful, in spite of his parents.

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