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Mom Guilt Strikes Again, Happy Birthday Mack!

March 3, 2010

This post is right on the heels of my Jr. Beta Club post.  I hope “Mom Guilt” isn’t going to be a recurring theme around here.  It’s quite the downer. 

My middle son, the funny and fabulous Mack has a birthday today!  Seven years old.  I can hardly believe it.  He is my very sensitive, kind-hearted, dare-devil.  He can’t be still, for even a minute.  His mind is always working and he makes some of the funniest observations you’ve ever heard.  He’s a hoot!  Honest to a fault.  Whether you want to hear it or not.  It’s just who he is.  He’s great! 

Every year on his birthday, it seems that I get really sick. (pneumonia and stomach viruses)  Last night, I threw up all night.  If any of you read the Gagging While Hopping on One Foot Saga, you’ll know that the stomach virus had walked right in our front door and found itself a home.  I had prayed that it would miss me.  At least until after Mack was honored as a “Terrific Kid” and Adam was inducted into the Jr. Beta Club.  Well, God gave me exactly what I asked for.  Monday night was Adam’s program and Tuesday, the nausea kicked in.  All day and night.  Horrid, let me tell you!

So, this morning, we had a two-hour delay because of the seven flakes of snow that fell last night.  SC is hyper cautious when it comes to icy weather!

Mack tiptoed into my bedroom and asked me if I remembered what day it was.  Of course, it took a second.  All I was thinking of was my sore and aching body. (By the way, why do you feel like you’ve barely survived a plane crash the day after a virus?)  He didn’t catch the memory lapse.  But, I did.  GUILT!

I was supposed to bake cupcakes for his class today.  I couldn’t do it if my life depended on it!  So, here I am, sending my sweet husband to Wal-Mart to buy some gross store-bought ones and then he’s going to deliver them to the school.  Can we all agree that I’m a loser?  This doesn’t feel like what a stay at home mom should do at all!  Seems like I’d have some in the freezer ready to go, or some such thing. 

I am praying I can pull this together by the time he gets out of school today.  He’s a great kid, and I don’t want his birthday memories to involve a sickly mom!

I hope my next post, is about how wonderful I am! lol  I can’t bear to feel guilty anymore!

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