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Are they weird or is it me?

March 4, 2010

Last spring, while we were building our house, we moved into a rental home for several months. The neighborhood had lots of kids. They were over at our house a good bit of the time. I never met any of the parents. They just weren’t out when we were and we weren’t home a tremendous amount of time. But, when we were, the kids were outside and the neighborhood kids would end up coming over.
A couple of the kids came from next door quite often. The older was in kindergarten. The other was closer to three. There was a creek that ran behind the house, so I was always super cautious about letting my little ones out back to play. I thought it was odd to let these little kids wander over to my house and even allow them to come inside without ever meeting me. For all they knew, we were watching porn and dropping “f bombs” while the meth was cooking. (Read all about our effing meth lab on our porn site at…www.awfulparents.c….. JK, seriously JK)

 I felt very uncomfortable with the whole situation.
My kids couldn’t understand why they weren’t allowed to go the neighbor’s houses and visit too. Occasionally, I’d let my middle son, six at the time, play on the next door neighbors swings with him if I were outside. But, I drew the line there.

There was  a fellow across the street who had boys, but they weren’t with him very often.  Maybe every other weekend.  But, when he had them, his son, who was around 9 or 10, would hang out with my 10-year-old.  He had a really smart mouth and wasn’t particularly nice to the younger kids.  I felt like I had to watch every conversation they were having.  It was not a lot of fun and I was always glad to see him go.

One Sunday afternoon, we were in the yard and he came over as his Dad was driving away.  He told me that he had to stay with us until his Dad (who I didn’t know at all, no contact number, nothing) came home.  Huh?  Who does this? 

He had never had a conversation with me, ever.  And he drove away and left his child with me, without even clearing it with me. 

So, we were held hostage the rest of the afternoon.  All of our Sunday plans were gone so we could babysit. 

I wanted to make sure the kid was safe.  That wasn’t my problem with this.   The problem I had, was with this stranger imposing on me and not even knowing if I were someone trustworthy to leave his son with. 

We’ve since moved to the country and these issues are a mere memory.  We have no neighbors now. lol

I know that I can play the role of the crazy, overprotective mom from time to time.  I’ll own that.  I guess there are extremes in every situation, and the right thing is somewhere in the middle most of the time. 

I’d love to know where you come down on this.  Am I nutty because I wouldn’t let my six-year-old go inside and have a Little Debbie with the neighbor kid?  Or are they nuts to have their three-year old wandering around alone in a neighborhood with cars and people and a creek? And does the guy across the street need to have the Department of Social Services called on him for leaving his kid with me without talking to me about it first?

Have y’all had these experiences?  Where do you come down?

From one extreme to another,

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  1. March 6, 2010 6:30 pm

    You’re not crazy. Definitely the people letting their 3 year old wander around. I am super protective of my kids. They do have Aspergers, which is high functioning autism, BUT I would still watch them and not let them go into other people’s houses without knowing who the people are, even if they didn’t have autism. And I really can’t believe someone would just send their kid over without consulting you. That’s just plain rude. Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. : )

    • March 6, 2010 6:52 pm

      Enjoyed your blog! Thanks for dropping in here too! Hoping I’ll soon have this thing figured out. Not sure exactly how to work the thing yet! lol

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