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Farmville, Farm Town, Fishville?????!!!??!

March 4, 2010

Okay, I live on a farm.  A real live, working , smelly, poultry farm.  Turkeys actually.  It’s how my husband brings home the bacon, turkey bacon that is.  We also have a pond, and it has some fish in it.   

There are lots of nice things about farming, so says my husband.  I’m not so much your farming kind of girl.  But, I do enjoy living on a farm.  There are some really nice things about it.

I also enjoy Facebook.  I like keeping up with my friends and their families.  I like looking at pictures of sweet babies, and odd things, like fresh stitches that my friend’s kids get from time to time.  But I, for the God’s honest life of me, cannot understand why people are forever chucking chickens and what-not at me.  I do not see the appeal. 

Having a real farm is time-consuming.  “Not enough hours in the day,” my turkey farming husband has been known to grumble. 

So my question to you, Farmville folks, is why, with all the other responsibilities that are heaped on  you in this busy world, would you want to spend your precious time raising an imaginary barn? Or tending imaginary corn?  This baffles the mind of this farmer’s wife.

Some of you may ask the same question of me with this blog.  “Why, if you aren’t being graded on this, are you writing it?”

My answer would be, “Leave me alone, and go milk your imaginary cow.”

To each his own. 

Hoping your crops and flocks flourish, imaginary and otherwise!


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