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29 Random Facts About Me

March 6, 2010

1. My favorite day of the week in recent years has been Wednesday.  (My best friend moved and I have no one to play with on Wednesdays anymore, but I remember them fondly!)

2. I’m ADD, really! And God love you if you live in this house when I’m off my meds. For those of you who knew me when, this should explain so much.

3. My husband can get me so tickled that peeing in my pants is not out of the question. I cannot believe at 24 I had the sense to marry him. He is the nicest person I know.

4. I have a hard time recognizing people. I think it’s a disorder of some sort. I really know no one. But, I’ve got a memory like Rain Man when it comes to useless information. If you’re without water, suck a button. See, totally useless!

5. I broke my tail bone giving birth to my oldest. 9lbs6oz 23″ long. I’m only 5’3″.

6. I love growing my own herbs. I can’t walk by without touching them.

7. The Inlet Culinary Garden shop and Lee’s Farmers Market in Murrells Inlet make me insanely happy.

8. I’ve been best friends with Holly Plyler Olds for 23 years.

9. I watch very little TV. And I cannot just watch TV, I have to do something else at the same time. Though nothing useful, I have to play Tetris, or Bejeweled or some other mindless game. I’ve lived in my new house since October and have watched maybe 3 things on TV. It is impossible for me to just watch TV. I must at least have paper to doodle on.

10. I am not observant at all. The houses in my neighborhood could be picked up and moved, and I’d never notice.

11. My last real job was pushing a Lemon Twist cart on the beach.

12. My mother’s death was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s left me kind of damaged to this day.

13. I don’t eat meat, except seafood. All seafood, and the occasional piece of bacon. I mean who doesn’t like salty, crisp bacon.

14. My weight bothers me everyday.

15. I’ve had two miscarriages.

16. Being a Mom is wonderful and I’m shocked that I’m pretty good at it.(Most days)

17. If I don’t have time on the water, I get cranky.

18. I would have made a good travel writer or food critic.

19. I don’t look before I leap.

20. I was never cautious until I had kids. Now, I’m obsessively safe where they are concerned.

22. I take the title of Parrothead seriously.

23. I have a nasty hernia that I really should fix, but just don’t see how I’d have time.

24. I’m an avoider. Especially where conflict and laundry are concerned.

25. If it’s a health issue, I’m not your girl.

26. I love ice-cold beer and don’t enjoy them nearly enough.

27. My favorite word is vacation.

28. My least favorite word is retarded.

29. I eat my problems. I eat my friends problems.(You know who you are) I eat to celebrate. I eat to socialize. I eat to avoid boredom. I eat because I like it. Well, I’ve finished this list, I think I’ll grab something to eat.

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