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Another Career I Won’t Be Pursuing When the Kids Grow Up

March 7, 2010

Not to pat myself on the back, but I’m a pretty good cook.  The food that I cook, usually tastes pretty good.  The people around me eat it and there’s very little complaining. 

I also bake a good bit, here lately.  And it tastes really good too. 

So, this year, and this is the first time I’ve ever done this, I decided to bake my son’s birthday cake for his party.  I always bake one for the family party, but never a big, fully themed one. 

I’m in love with the book Hello Cupcake.  I’ve tweaked cake mix cakes in the way they’ve suggested and they are super.  So, I thought I’d make some bowling pin cupcakes.  They looked easy enough.  

  • Bake regular size cupcakes, frost them white.
  • Bake mini cupcakes, take the paper off, turn them upside down and glue them onto the big cupcakes with a little icing
  • Top the whole thing off with a doughnut hole glued on with some icing
  • Put the whole batch into the freezer and let them harden a little
  • Then dip them into melted frosting
  • Add some fruit roll ups to make the red lines around the pins

After making 3 Batches of cupcakes, and running through 3 cans of icing, I decided this was better left to the professionals.  My youngest thought they were ghosts.  They were bumpy and not smooth at all.  No way I was serving these to the first grade set, they’d eat me alive.  First graders don’t censor and I didn’t want my feelings hurt.

Plan B.

  • Bake a sheet cake.
  • Cut it into the shape of a bowling pin(clever, huh?)
  • Bake round layer cake to use as the bowling ball.

Has anyone ever cut a cake and then frosted it? What do you do about the crumbs?  They were a real problem.  So, that idea got scrapped and turned into cake balls.

By this point, I knew that no more eggs needed to be sacrificed for Mack’s birthday.  So, the next morning, party at 11:00 mind you, I headed to the grocery store.  The nicest Bi-Lo employee, not only thawed me out a sheet cake and wrote Happy Birthday Mack on it, she also made it a bowling cake.  Complete with pins and a ball.  And not plastic ones, actually drawn with icing.  She was my hero yesterday.  She did this is in like 15 minutes while I wandered around.

Now, I really want to take a cake decorating class.  I hate it when I can’t do something.  But, I also know, no one is going to be calling me for birthday cakes any time soon!

I had so many mistakes on our kitchen island that my oldest started calling it “The Island of Misfit Desserts.”

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