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Budding Auctioneer Dislikes Auction

March 21, 2010

Friday nights are just not what they used to be.  Last night, my middle son and I stayed in while my oldest and youngest went to the goat sale with their dad.  I’m married to a farmer, live on a farm, and that even sounds weird to me. The goat sale, on a Friday night. Hmmmm…..

Friday nights don’t even bear the slightest resemblance to their former selves, a decade or more ago.  No resemblance at all.

I can usually expect a half a dozen baby goats that the boys have picked out. Last night, they didn’t see any that struck their fancy.

I wasn’t sorry when they returned empty-handed.  They bid on a horse that they didn’t win(Thank goodness) and their uncle left with a Jenny(female donkey).  They seemed to have had a pretty good time nonetheless.

When they rolled in late that night, my seven-year old and I were still up.

My husband asked, “Mack, why didn’t you want to go with us tonight?”

Mack, family clown, climbs up on the hearth and pipes up(rapid fire), “Here’s a goat, baby goat, just a couple of months old, white, white, got black spots, black tail, white goat, got her mother over here too, got her mother coming up,  can I get a $25…didididiidiidiidididdyd,idididy,dididy $30, didiidididy….” (I’m assuming the “didididiidy” is what he hears when the auctioneers do all the rattling that they do) He went on and on til he’d sold the goat.

My husband and I were in tears, he told us he didn’t care about hearing that all night. 

I’ve never been to the goat sale, but according to my husband, he sort of nailed it. 

I’m sure this didn’t translate nearly as well as I’d have liked.  But, if I ever get a chance, I’ll share video.  He’d make a great auctioneer, even though he has absolutely no interest in the auction.

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