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The Easter Bunny, The Zipline and a Future in the ER

April 24, 2010

Well, the Easter Bunny,  in all his infinite wisdom, decided that a Zip Line was a good idea for my three boys.  And really, what’s not to love?  Three boys, 11, 7 and almost 5, climbing a rickety ladder, holding on to a handle and zooming through the air.  It’s a good time!   

We’ve yet to build the platform, but it’s coming.  It’s got to be if they think I’ll ever attempt it again.  I’m a little scared-ish when it comes to heights.  And, I have the “voice.”  

 Tell me that you have it too.  I’d be okay with you lying to me, just to allow me to hold on to the idea that I’m not a complete nut job.   My “voice” tells me to do things that are dangerous, or just plain crazy.  I’ve had the urge to say inappropriate things in church, or during funerals and weddings.  I’ve been tempted to jump out of ski lifts, high above the trees.   Since I’ve had kids, it’s so noisy that I don’t hear the voice all that often.  It’s quieted down, or either, I just ignore it now.  But, I always wonder when it’s prodding me to do some dangerous thing, if this is the time that I’m going to be temporarily insane and I’m going to act on it.  One of my son’s teachers had the voice and we became great friends.  Good times!  Crazy finds crazy.   

Anyway, I sat down on the ground yesterday and watched my children fly through the air.  My husband caught the little ones at the other end so the jolt didn’t send them tumbling.    I watched my husband sail by in front of me.  And soon, the peer pressure began.  No matter how old I get, it seems I don’t outgrow it.  Aren’t we  all really 13 years-old, no matter how old the calendar says we are?  

Well, I couldn’t wait to give it a try anyway, so I climbed up the ladder.  Ten feet into the air.  Didn’t realize how rickety the ladder was until then.  The whole thing seemed a little more dangerous than it did five minutes ago from my seat on the grass.  I’m thinking the Easter Bunny has mental issues.  He wants to hurt my children.  What’s wrong with him?  He has the “voice.”  

So, the issue is, turning around on the ladder and grabbing the handle on the line, all the while dealing with sweaty hands, terminal clumsiness and heart palpitations.  The end of the zip line is close enough to the ground that the kids could do it by themselves and not be left dangling high in the air.   

As soon as I kicked off, I was careening towards the ground.  Graceful, it was not.  My husband is yelling at me to hold my legs up, he didn’t want me to cut them off at the knee or anything.  But, I didn’t really have time to process what he was saying.  I was too busy freaking out, and screaming.  And by the time my brain took his audible message and translated it into something I could understand, my legs had already dragged the ground as I thudded along.  My kids and husband were falling all over themselves with laughter.  I was quite the spectacle.  Peer pressure, grrr!   

No pictures of me zipping, the laughter and jeering was keeping them too occupied.  Here are some pictures.  It’s still pretty primitive.  Hopefully soon, this little spot will be cleared and mulched, and the scary ladder will be replaced with a platform.  But, for now, we’re like one of those crazy traveling circus families.  Not one of the big circuses either, we’d be the ones that failed to meet code, are making the kids share a car with the elephants, and have shoddy equipment.  It’s unfortunate, but true.  I can face the truth though.  As well as fight the urge to shout, “Dont’ do it!” during weddings, by golly!   

Rickety ladder, Dad assisting

And if the "Redneck Trampoline" didn't convince you that we were nuts......

Notice the lack of shirt and shoes, paired with the camo shorts.  My family seems crazier now that I’m sharing these photos! 


Sorry if the editing is a little weird on these.  I have not got the energy to fix the green in the one above! 

Or maybe he really is green.  I’m thinking I turned a similar shade myself! 

And finally, what the heck? 

This face brought to you by "The Voice" and that psychopath, fondly known as the Easter Bunny

Sorry about how weird the last two pictures look!  Hopefully, I’ll be more on my game tomorrow! The losing Sam thing has really done a number on me!

Signing off !


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  1. April 24, 2010 11:33 pm

    Looking at your pictures I would swear we live in the same area…and then the “lack of clothes” shatters my dream. No way we could be wearing that attire where I live right now!! Looks like your hubby and mine are cut from the same cloth!! Did you see my mom n’ me last week!! Never are we short on adventures!!

    • April 25, 2010 9:09 am

      Loved your pictures! I’m going to see if a “death swing” shouldn’t be our next project.
      I don’t think twice about them streaking around with no shirts or shoes, but I look at the pictures and thing we look like the biggest backwoods rednecks! lol

  2. April 25, 2010 6:22 am

    My uncle and cousins had a zip line at their house. I was always too chicken to try it out! But I bet my kids would love it!

  3. April 25, 2010 12:58 pm

    I don’t think you look crazy at all. I think it all looks like such fun. Between you and Julie, I am racking my brain for ways to create the same sort of adventurous fun for my little tribe.

    • April 26, 2010 10:13 am

      Anything that could wind up in the ER is usually a good time! lol

  4. April 25, 2010 6:31 pm

    I remember the zip line! We had one when I was a kid. I remember being always terrified and always wanting to do it again. And again.

    Great pics! It’s good to have you back.

    • April 26, 2010 10:14 am

      It looks like a breeze until you’re at the top of the ladder!
      Thanks! Glad to be back!


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