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Excuses, Excuses

August 24, 2010

Sorry I’ve been absent from Blogville lately.  I’ve missed y’all, but wouldn’t have been good company.  Seriously. 

Here’s my list of excuses for being such a drop out.

  • My oldest went to middle school, where I fear he’ll be eaten by wolves.
  • My middlest(that’s a word, right?) started 2nd grade.  And for some reason, that just sounds wrong.  Old.  For reasons I can’t explain, Mack will always be a buck wild two-year old in my mind.
  • My baby started kindergarten.  My baby.  Kindergarten. All. Day. Long.
  • My husband started a mammoth landscaping project and the dust and dirt in my house is never-ending. The project was started weeks ago, but then put on hold, because paying customers come first, you know.(Said with a tad of sarcasm and an eye roll, don’t tell the husband!) 
  • I’ve had a melt down the likes of which I’ve never seen.  Makes the mammoth landscaping project look doll house sized in comparison.
  • It felt like African Sleeping Sickness.  Or at least what I think African Sleeping Sickness would feel like.  Achy, fatigued, lethargic.
  • With many tears and much moping.
  • I slept non stop, only getting up to eat really bizarre combinations of unhealthy food in freakishly large portions.  Because I needed it, you know, to fuel all the REM sleep I was experiencing, day and night, I suppose.
  • Summer is over and that always throws me for a loop.  The school bells sound eerily like a prison door slamming to me.  Simply not enough freedom or flexibility!  As my husband says when I talk about running away and becoming a family of hobos, “You don’t have a problem with education(and I don’t, I want them to learn lots and be ultra well-rounded), you have a problem with being tied down.”  He’s right.  
  • Our laundry hamper is wide and long and bottomless.
  • My house is quiet during the day(Except for the perpetual sound of the washing machine, due to the cursed bottomless hamper)
  • My mind won’t keep quiet.  It keeps reminding me that this quiet is the permanent kind.   They’re all going to have lives that are separate from our family from here on out.  (And if you know us, you’re glad for them) 
  • It keeps reminding me that this all important chapter in my life is closing.  For just about 12 years, I’ve had a little boy(or three) by my side.  And at one time, I craved free time so much.  But, just as they became easy enough that I didn’t need it anymore, they were gone.
  • My crazy thoughts aren’t all sad though, they remind me that we’ve got wonderful things ahead.  And that I’m blessed to have had the time with them that I’ve had.  I haven’t missed a moment and I feel so privileged.  I have a lot to be thankful for.  
  • Schedules and obligations.  I’d rather get poked with a sharp stick than know what I’ve got to do next week.  Still haven’t finished the paperwork to get Sam into kindergarten.  Cause, I kinda suck. And paperwork really sucks.  And I think, I may be dragging on this because the biggest part of me doesn’t want him there in the first place.  Though, he’s got a great teacher, it’s a great school, and he’s going to love it.  But, he’s my baby.  And I am crazy about spending time with him.   
  • And my blog is undergoing a makeover.  And hopefully will improve my mood.
  • And I don’t think I made any sense in my last blog post after reading the comments I got.  The reason Adam wanted me to wear shades was not a fashion statement,(those glasses certainly aren’t anything to write home about).  He didn’t want anyone to see me if I became a crying mess in the car rider line at the middle school!  God love him, I did great, he needn’t have worried!

I’m hoping that I’ll be back in the land of the living pretty soon!  I hope I’ll be sharing happy, perky “Go school!” posts really soon! Crossing my fingers!

Thanks for sticking with me, through my pity party!  

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  1. August 24, 2010 2:22 pm

    Hi Lady! Fancy meeting you here! I was thinking about you! and I had been by a few times and your blog was “under construction.” are things getting better for you?

  2. August 24, 2010 3:17 pm

    Yo yo yo.

    Can you please bring that sharp poking stick over here? Because I too don’t want to know what I have to do next week. Or this week.

  3. August 24, 2010 5:42 pm

    You really do sound like you have a lot going on right now…no wonder you’re feeling a little blue. I’ve been trying to track down your blog ever since our convo on twitter, thanks by the way:) I hope things are getting better with your baby in kindergarten. There are no words but I feel some of what you are going through. My baby just started preschool today but I still have her 3 of the 5 days of the week…baby steps. Your new design is looking quite nice. Looking forward to reading more. Good Luck Mama!

  4. August 24, 2010 6:24 pm

    Hugs, Lula Lola! So sorry you’re struggling with all these changes.

    I understand your reasons for a meltdown. In fact, I feel one coming on myself. Next week, my youngest will enter kindergarten, two will go to middle school, and one into 3rd grade! I don’t think my heart can handle the stress.

    Besides, I just got some really crappy news… the topic for tomorrow’s post. You might feel better after you read it, if only because you’re not me!

  5. August 24, 2010 6:49 pm

    LL!! Missed you. I had some wonky times last week when I tried to comment but couldn’t….but now I see you had bigger (and more) fish to fry in your world. I am having some of those same feelings this week, just the hum of the washing machine to keep me company. I’m sure the gypsy in you HATES this return to routine…hang in there, you have another vacation on the not-so-distant horizon!

  6. August 24, 2010 8:19 pm

    Hey, I’m totally here for you in your pity party, since you’ve been such a great help in mine. What can I bring? Wine? Cheese? Mustard? A really whiny toddler who smirked for the first time today? Actually, would you mind if I stuck him in a box and shipped him to you? That might make us both feel better; you get a small boy around the house and I finally get my ears to stop ringing from the constant whine! 😉

  7. August 25, 2010 10:02 am

    Well any ONE of those would have sufficed! I hope things get a little less crazy/chaotic/exhausting for you, the sooner the better. Can’t wait to see the new blog!

    Your son is brilliant by the way, the sunglasses would have worked perfectly, you know, had you needed them. (It’s one of my greatest tricks.)

    By the way, I’m totally using “middlest”…love it!

  8. August 25, 2010 2:18 pm

    Okay, missy. No more moping! NO MORE MOPING RIGHT NOW!

    Think of all the fun grown-up things you get to do more often now. Think of all the wine you get to drink! All the bon-bons you get to eat! (Hahahaha …. ha.)

    Seriously, though – ups and downs happen, and you gotta feel what you gotta feel. But don’t get stuck in it! Remember, going back up is right around the corner, if you want it to be.

    And I’m here for you. As a matter of fact, I’m DMing you my phone number immediately. And you can call me anytime.

  9. August 25, 2010 8:29 pm

    Still in Blahville huh? I know this is so hard for you but I remember you mentioning how much you are fulfilled by doing things for others. Take this as your opportunity! It will get better…one day at a time!

  10. August 29, 2010 3:08 pm

    I have missed your posts and I’m glad you are back. I’m glad you are surviving your chaos. I laughed at your middle school child being eaten by wolves. I have one more year and I’m afraid. Very afraid.

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